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BoobSnail - Excel 4.0 macro generator

Author: Marcin Ogorzelski, 25.05.2021

Excel 4.0 XLM macros are useful for the Red Team. But it is often the case that when using publicly available generators, samples are detected. Then you usually have to invent your own techniques or modify existing ones. Another problem is the Excel language. If the target's Excel is set to a language other than […]


The first step in Excel 4.0 for Red Team

Author: Marcin Ogorzelski, 16.04.2021

As Excel 4.0 is becoming more popular, more and more attackers use it in phishing campaigns. In this blog post, we will dive into the topic of Excel 4.0 macros and learn about techniques that are useful during Red Team and analysis. Additionally, we will present to you our new tool that will assist you […]