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DOM-Based Cross-Site Scripting

6.8 (Medium)


SAP Business Objects

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence - version 420

Bartosz Śmigielski (glasn0st)

SAP BusinessObjects version 420 is vulnerable to DOM-XSS attack. An attacker can inject a URL into the GET parameter, injecting scripts from the given URL into the application. To exploit the vulnerability, access to the application is not required as the attack vector is a GET parameter. However, to find the bug, a low privilege account might be needed.

Due to SAP disclosure guidelines (, we can't publish proof-of-concept yet. A full description of the finding will be disclosed in January 2024.

  • 20-07-2023 - Vulnerability reported to vendor
  • 24-07-2023 - First response from SAP
  • 05-10-2023 - Vulnerability fixed during October patch day
  • 10-10-2023 - Acknowledge from SAP on their website